Blue Moon

Today, I’m departing from my usual–I’m sending out a song instead of my own words. I love music in most all its glorious forms, so don’t be surprised if in the future, I do this again. What is a song, after all, if not poetry set to music?

I’ve heard many versions of “Blue Moon” but this is by far my favorite, even topping Chris Isaak’s cover. Raul Malo could sing the telephone book (Does the younger generation know what this item is?) and I would swoon. lol

This song is for a friend who is searching…

2 thoughts on “Blue Moon

    1. So many artists have covered “Blue Moon” I couldn’t hazard a guess as to who you hear singing it in your mind. The first version I heard was released by the Marcels in 1961. I was all of eight years old, but their upbeat, doo-wop version has stayed with me all these many years. It makes me want to dance instead of cry.
      Here’s a link if you care to listen to it.


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